Sonus Cockpit Detailer (8 Oz.)

Sonus Cockpit Detailer (8 Oz.)
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Protect, repel dust, and enhance the richness of color of your dashboard and interior trim with Sonus Cockpit Detailer!

Sonus Cockpit Detailer is a quick detailing spritz for your dashboard, sideboards, console, and leather. Our exclusive anti-static formula repels dust making future cleaning easier. Light protectants are appropriate for all synthetic materials and coated leather. Cockpit Detailer enhances richness of color and has a nourishing effect. It's quick and easy to use, revealing a perfect "factory original" matte finish with each use. Use Sonus Leather and Vinyl Cleaner on soiled leather or soiled vinyl to pre-clean prior to using Sonus Cockpit Detailer for regular maintenance cleaning.

KEY BENIFITS: - Cleans & protects all vinyl, rubber, leather & trim / - Leaves a factory looking finish & fresh smell / - Enhances richness of color on dash & trim / - Anti-static formula repels dust

INSTRUCTIONS: - Pre-clean soiled leather or vinyl using Sonus Leather and Vinyl Cleaner. / - Shake well before use. / - For best results, apply using the Sculpted Applicator Pad, Hex Grip Applicator, Oval Applicator or Microfiber Towel. / - Wipe on in an overlapping circular motion. / - Allow to dry.

NOTE: May be used frequently without buildup. Monthly usage offers excellent protection and will maintain as as-new factory appearance.

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