Deluxe Wheel Brush

Deluxe Wheel Brush
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Clean spoke and mag wheels safely and quickly with The Deluxe Wheel Brush. Loops of soft bristles create a round shape that’s great for cleaning all types of wheel finishes for scratch-free wheel cleaning.

The Deluxe Wheel Brush has soft bristles that gently loosen brake dust and grime on the wheel surface. Coated, painted, and plated wheels can all be cleaned with this gentle brush.

The Deluxe Wheel Brush can squeeze between spokes to get brake dust wherever it hides. Turn the brush sideways to get maximum contact with the wheel face for fast and efficient cleaning.

The bristles are flexible and chemical-resistant. Use the wheel cleaner of your choice. This brush will last through countless uses! The handle provides comfort and control.

To make wheel cleaning even easier, use Sonus Rim Bright or Four Star Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel. Follow up with Final Touch Wheel Magic for a long lasting wheel protectant!