Sonus Rim Bright (16.9 Oz.)

Sonus Rim Bright (16.9 Oz.)
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Strong enough to clean even the toughest road grime without damaging fine wheel finishes!

Keep your rims looking right! Sonus Rim Bright Wheel Cleaner is pH balanced and specially formulated to gently and effectively clean all types of wheels. There is no acid in Sonus Rim Bright which prevents gradual deterioration of clear coated, painted, chrome, and anodized wheels. Even the most stubborn deposits such as heavy brake dust, oil, grease, and road grime are easily removed with Sonus Rim Bright Wheel Cleaner! Also available in the Sonus Tire and Wheel Bundle and the Sonus Tire and Wheel Care Kit!

Key Benefits - Acid-free and eco friendly formula; - Safe for all wheel finishes including factory, painted, and chrome; - Removes heavy grime and brake dust safely and effectively; - Easy-to-use spray on, wipe off formula.

- Make sure wheel is cool. Never spray cleaner on a hot wheel. - Clean one wheel at a time. - Spray entire wheel and allow to penetrate for 30 seconds. - Agitate with a soft brush or sponge. - Rinse with a heavy jet of water to ensure all product is removed from wheel surface including lug nut holes. - Dry wheels with a clean, soft towel to prevent water spots. - Repeat on remaining wheels.

Note: Use only on wheels that are cool to the touch. Always thoroughly rinse wheels after cleaning. Do not allow cleaner to dry.

Recommended Surfaces:

- Clear coated wheels; - Painted wheels; - Chrome wheels; - Anodized alloy wheels; - Aluminum wheels.