Sonus Leather Conditioner (8 Oz.)

Sonus Leather Conditioner (8 Oz.)
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Hydrate & protect your car's leather and fine vinyl with modern polymer technology! Sonus Leather Conditioner is a protective polymer coating for all leather and imitation leather upholstery. The rich emulsion contains natural oils that are readily absorbed by leather to keep it hydrated, supple and in like-new condition. For imitation leather (vinyl), special waxes help maintain flexibility and prevent discoloration and cracking. Sonus Leather Conditioner creates a perfect “factory original” matte finish. Simply wipe on and let dry.

Key Benefits: - Hydrates and nourishes leather upholstery. - Prevents drying and cracking. - Maintains soft, supple feel of leather. - Boosted by Polycharger™ to provide long lasting protection!

INSTRUCTIONS: - For soiled leather, first clean using Sonus Leather & Vinyl Cleaner. - Shake well before use. - For best results, apply using the Sculpted Applicator Pad, Hex Grip Applicator, Oval Applicator or Microfiber Towel. - Wipe on using an overlapping circular pattern. - Allow to dry 15 minutes before use.

Note: Not for use on suede or nubuck.

RECOMMENDED SURFACES: - Leather upholstery / - Imitation leather upholstery / - Vinyl upholstery.